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Laurie Pettine Bio

Laurie Pettine is a sculptor/mixed media artist. Pettine earned a BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design/New School. She has spent the past decade showing her artwork at various galleries in New Jersey and around the tri-state area; exhibited with Pro Arts Jersey City, Visual Arts Center of NJ Summit, Studio Montclair Leach Gallery, Trenton Artworks, BSB Gallery Trenton, Atlantic Highlands Council, Artfront Galleries Newark, Index Arts Newark, Raven Gallery Jersey City, Speakeasy Gallery Boonton, YYY Gallery Dover NJ, Poughkeepsie NY, Incubator Studio Gallery Brooklyn NY, The Art Guild of NJ Rahway, West Windsor Arts Gallery and Center for Contemporary Art in Bedminster.


She exhibited at the “Maidens & Martyrs” at Art Fair 14C in 2021 and was select for the 14C 150 Bay Main Gallery Vivid Visions show in 2023. Pettine is the founder of Morris County Artists Network ( and curates art exhibits for the End of Elm + Art Gallery in Morristown, NJ.


Somewhere in all of that she has had careers in local, state and national political consulting as well as all aspects of newspaper publishing. Pettine’s home, studio, family and three dogs are in Mendham Township, Morris County, NJ.

For more info, visit Laurie's personal website and social media. 

Laurie Pettine


"My art practice is self-referential, fractal; in that, I am always sourcing my own work, employing fugue-like iterations on themes- using past images/forms and manipulating them into new entities. The process is always about “play”. I am a mold-maker and a lover of bricolage - I meticulously plan the sculptures and find deep joy in that process. The work is linked to the materials that a given object/subject matter requires. I’m drawn to the odd: sideshows, altarpieces, monstrosities, relics, carnivals, cabinets of curiosities - the arcane and the bizarre quasi-religious rituals of society."

- Laurie Pettine

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