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Donna Rosenzweig Bio

Donna lives in Morristown, NJ.  Her artistic  journey began circa 2015. A curiosity for creating at exactly the right time in life’s passages led to a full fledged passion for painting. She took classes with several artists and then went on to forget about most of the rules.

Donna paints mostly abstracts with acrylic paint. Favorite subjects are people in groups, imaginative flower arrangements and colorful multi-layered abstracts.  Her tools of choice to create unique layers and textures are most often sticks and palette knives rather than brushes.

For more info, visit Donna's personal website and social media. 

Donna Rosenzweig


"Painting for me is a physical expression of my feelings and thoughts and of my history.  I paint intuitively from my heart expressing my emotions honestly and fully.  Sharing my paintings is an important part of my process. Viewers respond through their own unique lenses and filters making experiencing art a wonderful collaborative experience between Artist and audience."

- Donna Rosenzweig

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