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Gabriella D´Italia Bio

Gabriella D’Italia (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist and writer who believes that our true stories lie at the horizon between spirit and body, vision and the material world.


Gabriella’s work investigates material structures under the assumption that they function as cognitive and moral evidence. She is best known for her highly inquisitive, pro-craft, feminist fiber works and multimedia collage. Visually, Gabriella layers imagery, patterns, and media. In doing so, she embraces complex meaning based on the truth of material experience rather than inherited narratives, emotions, expectations, and cultural norms. A marriage of eclectic and warm minimalism, Gabriella’s works emphasize harmonious energy, inexact repetition, a material (embodied) experience of time, and a new-feminist conception of storytelling based largely on intimacy with nature and everyday things. Gabriella’s relationship with the materials of everyday living is explored throughout her book, Getting Dressed In The Dark: An Artist’s Way Home, (Unsolicited Press 2025) an artist’s memoir that traces her way home after personal crisis. Her award-winning work has been exhibited at biennials, salons, embassies, and galleries across the world.


Gabriella grew up in Morristown, NJ. After receiving her BA in Philosophy and the History of Science and Mathematics through the Great Books program at St. John’s College, she moved to Boston and then Maine, where for two decades she immersed herself in costume design, quilting, leadership roles in nationally recognized fine craft organizations, and teaching courses on creativity. She holds an MFA in Intermedia from the University of Maine, Orono.


Gabriella lives and works between Mt. Tabor, New Jersey and New York City with artist C. W. Crawford, son Luciano Dove, and their four dogs.

For more info, visit Gabriealla's personal website and social media. 

Gabriella D´Italia


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